Water Leak Repair

If your leak is from a fractured plastic pipe, take that piece of pipe (saw it off) and find the same size at your local plumbers merchants.  Take a photograph of where you took it from too so that you can show the merchant the context.  The merchant will be able to see you new pipe and connectors to attach the new pipework.  The connectors may need glue or they may just push in to a water tight fit.

If your leak is from a plastic waste pipe joint, then you will have to clean and replace the joint to test or fit a new joint.

The best solution for a copper pipe leak, whether burst or corroded through, is to solder in a new piece of copper pipe.  If the pipework is very rigid with little or no movement then the best solution will likely be a slip coupler, which can slide from the pipe onto the fitting without any need for movement in the pipe itself.  If you need to avoid doing hot work then there are some excellent push fit options in both copper and plastic.

Whether from a radiator, toilet, boiler or even hidden pipework, containable leaks can quickly get out of control if not treated with respect. We have the expertise and equipment on hand to make safe and stop leaks.  Call us and we’ll have your leak stopped in the first hour.  From there, it’s up to you; we can make a full repair at your convenience but there are no tie ins.  We’re happy to quote you a fixed price for the repair work once the drama is over.  Insurance work can be recorded and reported as required.

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