NO Callout Charges

As I have sub contracted for a few different large companies. I know for certain that there are less scrupulous businesses out there that demand nearly twice our prices.  Our pricing is exceptionally competitive.. There is no call out charge.

7am-6pm Daytime hours £99 pr hour with ONLY the first hour authorised

6pm-12am Evening £109 per hour with the first hour authorised.

12am- 7am Overnight £139 per hour with the first hour authorised.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day @1.5x the hourly rate.

Approximately 80% of callouts are fixed within the first hour.  All time authorised over the first hour is charged at half hour rates. Half hour rates are charged at 50% of full hour rates.

Contractual agreements with terms and conditions can be found HERE