Reliable Plumber?

I’ve just attended an interesting job.   The customers had to wait two days for their landlord to get back to them, when he did it was to authorise an emergency plumber.  The plumber said he could be there in 3 hours but he never turned up.  Maybe he knew the house was a brothel?!  It was a surprise to me! The girls, however, were lovely, chatty and modest and it got me thinking: Who has the worst reputation, plumbers or escorts?  As one girl talked about how she lost her temper and screamed down the phone at the useless ‘too busy to be bothered’ plumber it occurred to me that escorts probably have a better reputation for turning up and providing a service then my trade does.  That’s a bit sad I think.

‘Plumbers in London are earning 150k plus a year’ doesn’t help the cause either: rate jobs including estate agents, plumbers and escorts in order of honoured professions and you’d bet that the aforementioned three would be way down the list.  Whatever the perception, when I turn up on time as agreed I like to take some time to give thanks to being blessed with half decent time management skills and how it, at least, it helps save my personal reputation even if some businesses are really letting the side down.