Emergency Advice

Turning off the pressurised flow of water into your house is an important part of your first response to any uncontainable leak.  Knowing where your main stopcock is during a plumbing emergency is key to preventing water damage from any leaks that become uncontrollable.

Click HERE to watch a video explaining where to look and how to identify your emergency stop cock.

There may also be an isolating lever on pipework to taps, toilets, cylinders, boilers or water tanks that can also be utilized to limit leaks or flows of water.

If you want us to talk you down through the initial crisis we are happy to help over the phone; if you get out of your depth, hopefully not literally, then we can attend as requested.  As a 24 hour plumbing service we do accept calls in the evening and overnight as well as Saturdays, Sundays and the Christmas holidays.