Power Flushing

Power flush

Boilers, radiators and pipework are prone to blockages because of a build-up of sludge and rust inside of the systems. To rectify this problem, we use a power flush cleaning process which works by putting a chemical into the system. Once the chemical has been inserted, high-pressure water is then forced through to ensure all the grime and sludge is removed. After the power flush is complete, our plumbers put more chemicals known as inhibitors into the systems to prevent them from rusting. This also ensures your hot water flows efficiently and your radiators are hot.

Signs That Your Systems Need Cleaning

Discoloured water from bleeding valves is one of the first signs that your systems need a power flush. Other signs also show that the valves are blocked and your radiators may be cold at the bottom but hot at the top. Your boiler may also keep shutting down and need resetting because of problems in the system. There can also be a trickling sound from your radiators and your heating man be slow to warm up.